Garamiyas Rostam

DE LCCH Ila Iranschahr x Garamiyas Alkhaams Heya

 Born 2015, Junior is currently living in the UK.

Junior’s instagram & facebook page

Garamiyas Rostam, known as Junior, is the funniest companion you can imagine. Just as his uncle Abbe you can have long conversations with him and he will talk back to you. He’s alert and loves an adventure!  He’s curious and happy and loves to meet new dogs to play with. He is easy to train and teach new tricks as he is very clever and wants to work together with you, as long as there’s something in it for him, be it a bit of cucumber, high value treat or the best thing, a fluffy toy for him to catch and rough up! He is very fast and loves to course. We also do bikejor with him which he  really enjoys.  He does not like the cold and wet and he will make sure you know it! In the summer he will tell you early in the morning to open the garden door so he can catch the first rays of the day to then stay there for hours. He enjoys watching TV and has an odd interest for climbing into cardboard boxes.


  • Crufts, 2019, Reserve Post Graduate Dog.
  • LC UKSS Summer Open, 2018, 1st place.
  • LC UKSS Spring Open, 2018, 1st place.
  • Lure Coursing License