There are no litter plans for the upcoming year, please send us a message to know more about the future.

We are happy to announce that our plans for Spring 2020 has come true! Please visit our Facebook page for more frequent updates of our sweet M-litter!

We are proud to announce our plans for spring 2020, Hawksview’s Secret of the Cosmos at Greendale and Garamiyas Rounaq! 


Words from Karen Hoffman(Hawksview):

“Cosmos comes from a family of highly accomplished Salukis in Open Field Coursing. Some of the top of all time. In addition to Aaron, Impulse, Azali etc. most recently years, his great grandmother won the Grand Course which is the pinnacle of Open Field Coursing, invitation only, for the top OFC dogs in the country. Additionally, his mother won the Grand Course 2007, his sister Mystic is the only Saluki ever to win it twice, 2012 and 2015. His nephew, Inyo won it as well in 2018. Many of the dogs in his pedigree were top contenders in the OFC field. So….it is safe to say this is a line of HIGHLY accomplished open field coursers.”

Link to testmating:

More photos of Cosmos:

Photos of Cosmos siblings in the “Secret litter”:

For more photos of Rounaq(a.k.a Enya):


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