Alkhaams Heya

(Maymouna’s Qaased Jatagan  x Dar el Hindiyas Jaliya al Garamiya)

  • Born 2009
  • Mother to our R-litter (Sired by DE LCCH Ila Iranschahr)


Alkhaams Heya, known as Ammi, is the Garamiyas family’s biggest diva! She is very kind, always with a happy spirit and she has a very bubbly personality.

She is extremely demanding if you pet her and don’t you dare stop before she thinks she’s had enough! She will give you the most demanding stare and poke you with her paws until you start again.

Outside she loves to run of course, she is very fast and turns quickly. Inside she wants the best space on the sofa, doesn’t matter if it’s already taken, she will just lay down on top of who ever is there.


  • Västerås, 2011, racing, 1st place
  • Västerås, 2013, racing, 1st place
  • Västerås, 2014, racing, 2nd place
  • Racing license