Kennel Garamiya, breeder of Salukis.

My first meeting with a Saluki was in 1980. I had put my name on a waiting list for an Afghan hound at a rescue centre. They phoned me. They asked if I would be interested in a Saluki instead, and I agreed to a meeting. This is when I met Abdish, the very difficult but loving Saluki with a troubled background. As a result, he made me fall in love with the breed. Since then, I’ve had at least a couple of Salukis by my side. Subsequently, ten years later, I bred my first litter from Caravan Felanya.

In 2001 a wonderful bitch from Gerd Andersson (Dar el Hindiya) named Jaliya joined our family. Later, she became the foundation bitch for kennel Garamiya. Our ambition is to breed healthy and functional Salukis with good drive and energy.

Above all, we believe if there is function, there is also beauty.

/ Pia

Breeder Pia holding puppy Issa
Pia & puppy Issa (Garamiyas Meissa Mahraz)
Dar el Hindiyas Jaliya al Garamiya
Caravan Felanya with Garamiyas F-litter